Plansup is specialized in the practical implementation of the Biodiversity Footprint tool for companies, and in the GLOBIO3 Biodiversity model and CLUE land use model at regional, national and sub-national scale.

See for information on the models the Biodiversity Footprint tool, GLOBIO3 and CLUE web pages.

The biodiversity Footprint tool is made for companies who would like to:

  • carry out a quick assessment of their biodiversity footprint
  • to calculate the effectiveness of their biodiversity friendly measures
  • to find out what the main pressure factors are and where the highest impact can be found

A fact sheet of the Biodiversity Footprint tool can be downloaded here

The land use and biodiversity models will help policy makers to analyze the impact of socio economic developments on land use and biodiversity. The impact of different policy options can be assessed in a relative simple way and will enable policy makers to test whether policies are likely to meet environmental objectives.

More information on the use of the models as policy support tools can be downloaded from the following link: Factsheet Policy support tools. This fact sheet contains a clear description on the implementation of the models with illustrations and examples of use.