Planning support

Agricultural development West Kalimantan december 2013

Agricultural development at border of national park Gunung Palung in West Kalimantan December 2013

Plansup offers a wide range of planning support to decision makers.

One of Plansup’s major fields of expertise is on Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) and more specific on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Strategic policy decisions can be tested on their existing or future impact with help of ex-post and ex-ante analysis.

Plansup developed in collaboration with the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) a set of tools that facilitate a quick assessment of the impact of different scenarios or set of policy measures on land use and biodiversity. In addition, Plansup is affiliated with Aidenvironment and jointly offer sustainability assessments including impact assessment of human rights and human well being. Plansup also collaborates with the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) in order to incorporate the latest know how and best practices on SEA and EIA in workshops and training schemes.

Land use planning can be aided by incorporating land use modelling, especially when the impacts of existing or future policies need to be assessed. Plansup not only offers modelling support, but also capacity building on scenario building and quantification. Future land use maps can be generated per policy alternative. Such scenarios can be linked with socio economic development, climate change, environmental protection, and food security.

Plansup offers also spatial planning support by means of analyzing available spatial data with help of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) analysis techniques. Data can be structured so that it can be easily accessed and viewed by staff of your own organization.

In case you are interested to make (part of) your data accessible for a wider audience via the web Plansup will collaborate with the IDgis company who are specialised in making large (GIS) databases accessible trough open source software via Internet. All GIS related software IDgis use is open source and even data with different formats can be viewed or analyzed by any user (open or partially password protected).