GIS and Remote Sensing

Plansup has a large expertise in GIS analysis and implementation of Remote Sensing.
A few examples of projects in which these techniques are used:

  • GIS analysis for impact assessment of oil palm in Kalimantan
  • Implementation of GIS for Experimental Ecosystem Accounting
  • Implementation of GIS at Global, regional, national and provincial scale in order to test land use and biodiversity modelling as a policy tool at various scales in Arctic regions
  • Updating GIS maps with Google Earth imagery, research reports and provincial plans
  • GIS inventory and analysis for Charge & Go project. Development of Open source GIS atlas for potential charging stations electric cars.
  • Conversion and development of maps that can be viewed in an Open-source GIS webviewer
  • GIS and RS analysis of potential deforestation in Argentinian RTRS soy firms based on RTRS reports and GPS locations.
  • Development of Image-maps maps for the Social Economic circumpolar Arctic database Arcticstat that can be viewed on their website
  • Linking GIS and biodiversity modelling to the Strategic Environmental Assessment approach
  • Implementing GIS analysis for land use and biodiversity modelling in more than 20 countries
  • Application of radar data, optical RS data and GISĀ  in forestry, agriculture and nature management in the Netherlands
  • Implementation of GIS and RS in several river basin projects in Ethiopia and for a bamboo inventory project.
  • Training of GIS staff in Kuala Lumpur, development of GIS sections for the Malaysian Forestry Department, development of mapping and GIS tools as a base for sustainable forestry management
  • Implementation of GIS for Ecological quick scans in the Netherlands
  • Development of GIS tools for teak plantation management in Costa Rica
  • Linking biodiversity with human well being and goods and services in Costa Rica

Please do not hesitate to contact PlansupĀ  if you have questions regarding possible implementation of GIS and Remote Sensing in your project. Plansup can provide your institution or company support with setting up and implementation of a tailor made approach enabling a cost efficient application of GIS and RS techniques that fits optimal into your organization.