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Mission statement Plansup

Plansup provides support to governments, research institutes and businesses in the field of environmental planning and footprint analyses so that they can maintain a sound environment for future generations.

The existing natural environment on earth is declining fast due to human interference. Plansup would like to slow down this degradation process by providing advice, training and planning support to private and public organizations that would like to analyse and reduce their impact on the environment.

Both climate change and biodiversity loss are the result of the pursuit of maximum profit in combination with short term thinking. As a consequence, natural resources are often not used in a sustainable way. But it has become evident that we have to change our attitude towards the environment. We have to act now and not wait for tomorrow. More and more companies realize that they need to change their business models if they want to sustain in the long run. Businesses need to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility in their management in order to achieve a healthy balance between People, Planet and Profit.

Plansup provides support to achieve this balance by identifying and quantifying the pressures on the environment. Depending on the implementation scale (national, provincial, sectoral, company or product) the impact can be analysed for both current and future situations.

Environmental footprint of companies
Plansup wants to help businesses to measure their impact for different parts of the chain. This impact is summarized in the companies’ environmental footprint. Plansup focuses on the main pressure types. Advice will be provided which measures will achieve optimal results with relative low efforts. Trade-offs between productivity and the environment are identified, and the effectiveness of environmental friendly measures is tested.

Even though the reduction of impact of one single company will provide only a small contribution to the restoration of our environment, it is an essential step towards a mutual understanding how the impact can be reduced. Together businesses can provide a significant contribution.