Cameroon canoe 2013

Kenya, Cameroon: GBO4 Ex ante scenario building workshops

Period: Kenya: 1 week in November 2012- Cameroon: 1 week in April 2013
Client: Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), DGIS, CBD
Location: Nairobi, Yaoundé

Main project features: Scenario building at international GBO4 workshops with national representatives from 5 regions with help of their own data and existing assumptions used for Global Assessments based on the IMAGE model

Activities performed: Preparation of scenario building learning tools, presentations on land use scenario building, land use and biodiversity models and SEA, leading policy level working sessions at international workshops, real time modelling based on outcomes during workshops, leading discussions for implementation scenarios and modelling in the different countries in the near future.

Mauritius: Regional Workshop on Trade-related Policy Assessment, Agriculture and Biodiversity in East Africa

Period: 4-6 October 2010
Client: UNEP, (Trade and Biodiversity Initiative)
Location: Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

Main project features and activities: Training basic concepts of an Integrated Assessment of Trade related policies and Biological diversity in the Agricultural Sector in Mauritius. Guidelines for land use planning and integration with land use and biodiversity models

Senegal: Workshop Potential Use of Biodiversity modelling

Period: Kenya: 8-11 December 2009
Client: Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)
Location: Dakar

Main project features and activities: Collaboration with WWF_NL. Capacity building on land use and biodiversity building, training of trainers

Zambia: Clue and Globio modelling training / capacity building

Period: 3 weeks in 2008
Client: PBL, DGIS
Location: Kitwe, Zambia

Main project features: Capacity building in land use and biodiversity modelling, workshops

Activities performed: Advanced modelling training courses, assessment of current and future biodiversity status in Zambia. Training Clue and GLOBIO3 model using Zambia data.

Ethiopia: Various projects in Ethiopia; Woody Biomass Inventory and Strategic Planning Project, Omo-Gibe River Basin Project , Study on Sustainable Bamboo Management

Period: 1995-1997
Client: Richard Woodruff & Associates, Ethiopian Ministry of Water Resources, GTZ, LUSO, Forest and Ethiopian Wildlife and Conservation Development Department (FaWCDD)
Location: Addis Abeba, Asossa, + field surveys Omo-Gibe & Abbay

Main project features and activities: GIS & RS, Field verification, bamboo inventory