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New: The Biodiversity Footprint Calculator

Just launched: The new Biodiversity Footprint Calculator!

A free calculation tool by Plansup to assess both current and future biodiversity footprint of a company’s product at the landscape level. With the tool companies can test the effectiveness of presumed biodiversity friendly measures.

This calculator was made by Plansup in collaboration with Saxion. With the help of this tool, companies have an opportunity to calculate their biodiversity footprint online. The tool is based on dose response relationships of two pressure factors from the GLOBIO methodology and therefore it gives only an indication of the generic impact on biodiversity. No rights can be derived from the results obtained.

The BF calculator is an open source tool and has been developed by Plansup in collaboration with Wageningen Environmental Research. The research of the underlying methodology and the development of the calculator was carried out with public money and therefore the calculator is fully accessible and free of charge. It is expected that the tool will be improved in the future on the basis of additional research. When you publish results, please make a reference to the Plansup tool.

Questions on the tool and support / advice can be sent to:

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